Have fun and 20/20 vision

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At the last annual appointment my eye doctor got ecstatic – my vision improved to 20/20 plus some. No, I did not have any eye surgeries, did not take any eye medications, do not wear eye related devices, or go through some training exercises – all I do is I read what I like; and Oh boy, do I love to read.

You may wonder, how come – I read too, but my vision is just getting worse. That is exactly what happened to me about 15 years ago – for the first time in my life I noticed I had eyes and they did not behave. Fortunately, at that point in my life I had realized that the person who knows my body best was me and, keeping in mind that not every doctor’s advice should be followed, remember second opinion, I tried to find a no medication-no surgeries-no external devices solution.
So, I tried eye exercises; and they might of work, except they were so boring and took sooo much time, or so it seemed, that I skipped them often until stopping completely. At that point my eye vision deteriorated and reading had become no fun anymore.

Luckily, e-readers came to the market, and not just e-readers but e-ink e-readers, and that is when I had the moment of truth. I spent $250 on my first and the only e-reader I have been using ever since (nowadays you probably get one on eBay for $25) and read at the smallest font I felt comfortable with. E-ink requires external light, and the brighter the light the smaller font I was comfortable with. When sunny, I could read very small font. As long as I kept reading at the smallest font I was comfortable with, my eye muscles exercised without me noticing it. Eventually, I could read smaller font at the same light conditions.

Most often I do not have more than 5 minutes per day for entertaining reading, but if I skip 2 weeks, it takes a few days to get back to where I was. Sometimes, when reducing font size, or if tired, my vision may go down temporarily – not a problem- the next day I am back in business. And sometimes it is so sharp – I am not sure I had it like this when I was 16. While I can not guarantee that this idea would work for you as for me,  I can guarantee that my other idea at
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Have a steak and flat stomach.


Steaks make me loose weight, so do the other lean meats which come without fatty sauces. The problem with lean meats is carbs craving which may come right after; so people usually add a baked potato and chocolate cake sometimes which makes you gain weight instead of loosing it. One more fact, lean meats will last about 4 hours, then we have to eat more unless you are a superhero or a supermodel capable of tolerating hunger. I do not know about you, but my brain refuses to work when I am hungry.
I found that one of the ways to fight the cravings is not to fight
but rather to trick them while doubling time before you get hungry. We all know preservative characteristics of salt and honey. What I discovered is that small intake of natural products containing sugar slows protein digestion by 100% while eliminating carbs cravings. The only thing to remember is not to overdo it – a tea spoon or two of honey or a piece of chocolate will make your protein intake last 8 hours instead of 4 while keeping your carbs cravings at bay. You should also account for that when deciding when to eat before going to sleep, otherwise colorful nightmares are almost guaranteed. Since metabolism of all people is different, your numbers may be different than mine. While I can not guarantee that this idea would work for you as for me,  I can guarantee that my other idea at
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